Implementation information
  • Investor: BYTES s.r.o.
  • Implementation: 2010
  • Description: The DN250/400 hot water feeder connects the new CTZ heat source for the town of Detva with the existing structure of the current PK6 gas boiler house, where a new transformer and transfer station was built. The route of the hot-water line runs mainly through undeveloped territory – on the edges of the fields and meadows, crosses a stream, wetlands and a road. Before it enters the building of the current boiler house, it runs under a road, parking area and paved area along the building. The hot-water distribution system was implemented in non-channel storage using pre-insulated pipes – FinTherm.At the crossing of the hot water line with the watercourse and wetlands, connections were made using pre-insulated pipes and “TSC electrical connections” technology.
    The length of the hot water distribution system was 4,200 m.