SW BJcal

We invented

We developed new BJcal software for the design of blocks of flats with installed SYMPATIK BJEQ flat transfer stations. This SW is used to automatically design the dimensions of the primary fluid distribution system and the cold water distribution in the building for heat transfer units for individual control in the flats, design of the nominal output of the heat source, all on the basis of the number of installed BJEQ stations with regard to the current consumption.

For whom

The BJcal software is intended for designers and developers who are considering the installation of SYMPATIK BJEQ household transfer stations.

Main advantages

  • Simple and guaranteed calculation of the primary fluid distribution system dimensions proven by installations.
  • The guarantee of the hydraulic stability of the distribution system in the building without the necessity to use sectional balancing fittings.
  • Automatic generation of the bill quantities for the pipes, components and assembly prices.
  • Automatic generation of the price of delivery, assembly and commissioning.