Implementation information
  • Investor: BTH Slavičín s.r.o.
  • Implementation: 2011
  • Description: Implementation was done for the purpose of expanding the heat supply in CZT Slavičín. The existing heat source – 4 x VIESSMANN gas-fired boiler, 2 x combined cycle unit and 1 x biomass-fired boiler was expended by addition of a further source, a chip-fired boiler with a rated output of 1 MW. For the Vlára Housing Development, a new hot-water line was built using the technology of pre-insulated pipes. Pressure independent transfer stations were installed at the consumption points. A new control system was also installed at the existing transfer stations using SIEMENS technology. The control system of the boiler house was implemented using SIEMENS technology with the superior central dispatch SYSTHERM – WebHeatControl, which also monitors and manages 80 pressure independent transfer stations at the offtake points. The WebHeatControl dispatch also works with weather forecasts in relation to the priority of the time frame of the operation of the combined cycle units, biomass-fired heat sources and the gas-fired boilers as a peak source. WebHeatControl on the basis of the weather forecast controls the Slavičín central heat source including the required temperature in the accumulation system.