SW RScal

We invented

SYSTHERM mainly manufactures products for application with a low temperature system combined with a heat distributor. It is a compact product comprising two bodies – distributor and collector, which are separated by a sinusoid shaped gap. This ensures the insulating layer for prevention of heat transfer between the incoming and return fluid.

For design of SYMPATIK RSsinus, we developed the RScal SW, which as per flow rate requirement of the individual heating circuits designs the profile of the distributor body. It also designs the components of the individual heating circuits – fittings, mixing fittings, pumps, all on the basis of the flow requirements and pressure difference for the given heating circuit. The RScal SW output is a schema, a list of components and a 3D drawing.

For whom

These distributors are suitable and according to experience also necessary for equipment with condensation boilers, heat pumps or cooling systems.


  • A necessary product for the economic operation of low temperature systems – prevention of heat transfer between the incoming and return fluid.
  • Based on the calculation in RScal, the required projected parameters at the output fittings of the heating circuits are guaranteed.
  • Thanks to the customer solution and design from the RScal SW, the delivery of the equipment/product is made precisely according to the requirements of the designer, or operator of the heating equipment.
  • Easy assembly and shortening of the construction or reconstruction time.