SYMPATIK ClimaSolution

We invented
We go by the principles of sustainable development and know that up to 25% of the worldwide CO2 emissions are emitted during cooling or on the contrary heating of buildings. SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution uses arbitrary residual heat or energy from renewable energy sources. It is a comfortable and clever solution.

For whom

SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution is intended for family houses and blocks of flats as well as for administration buildings and other structures that require a comfortable thermal environment that are maximally environmentally friendly.

Main advantages

  • SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution allows comfortable heating and cooling without damaging the environment. The cooling electric power consumption is 1000x lower than when using compressor cooling.
  • SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution is a system that allows the interconnection of several energy sources and their intelligent management. The technology thus works with the cheapest source at all times.
  • SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution uses the patented three-stage absorption technology for production of cooling from the thermal energy obtained from these sources.
  • SYMPATIK® ClimaSolution will make you independent of changes in the prices of energy and at the same time lower your energy costs.