We invented

In 2018 the company SYSTHERM s.r.o., placed the sixth generation of the SYSTHERM SYMPATIK® PresStabil/PresSmatic automatic expansion system on the market. This last generation incorporates modern trends of design, manufacturing and modern communication technologies.
Why two products? It is one product, but may be operated with a classic open tank, in which case it is the SYSTHERM SYMPATIK® PresSmatic system. This automatic system is intended as a replacement for the existing pressure expanders, where the existing accumulation vessel is used. The SYSTHERM SYMPATIK® PresStabil automatic system is a variant with a pressureless tank that has an inner bag, where the heating water deaeration function is mainly fulfilled.

For whom

These automatic expansion systems are intended for maintenance of the pressure in the heating, warm and hot water systems.
A new control system was developed for them, which apart from maintenance of the required pressure also makes it possible to select the programmable deaeration option. This control system also provides the diagnosis and continuous evaluation of operations.
The control system has standard TCP/IP, ModBus-IP interface through which it is possible to remotely control and monitor the automatic expansion system.

Main advantages

  • Maintain the static pressure in systems up to PN 25.
  • Maintain the static pressure in heating and cooling systems.
  • Intelligent automatic settings of the operation of the automatic system on the basis of the static height of the system and size of the safety valve.
  • Automatic degassing of heating (cooling) and lost water.
  • Possibility of installation in the initial heating systems – maintenance of the min. P.
  • Evaluation and signalling of fault states.
  • Protection of the rubber bag in the accumulation tank against damage.
  • Control panel with LCD touch display.
  • The possibility to use TCP/IP on-line communication option.
  • Communication with the superior system via ModBus – IP.
  • Diagnostics and archiving of the operating states, pump and frequency converter faults.
  • Integration of the PresStabil regulation and control into the control system of the entire heat source.