ABZ interactive training centres

The ABZ interactive training centres are focused on practical familiarisation with the functions of the individual components and their influence on the operation of the entire systems (for instance, heating). They are intended for the students of vocational, secondary and primary schools.

  • These are mainly interactive classrooms for pupils and students of the individual school levels and focus.
  • The school or vocational school in cooperation with our experts specifies the needs and scope of the educational centre.
  • Our educational centre system allows high variability and their future expansion.
  • In our interactive educational centres, you can simulate all sorts of operating states and seek their optimal solution, which is of very high importance for future practice.
  • For this reason, the interactive learning centres are equipped with corresponding measuring and control devices.
  • Our interactive training centres are 100% functional modules that have nothing to do with serial production, but concern only customer solutions. Each of our training centres is original.
  • We are also working on augmented reality for the primary and vocational schools, which may increase the interest of the primary school pupils in the technical fields. At the same time, the teachers and students of the technical schools shall get hitherto unimagined learning opportunities.