Gas boilers

These days in the absence of high-quality professionals in the profession of heating engineer, plumber, electrician, SYSTHERM is addressed by representatives of cooperatives, owners’ associations, government investment officers, headmasters, producers and heat suppliers to supply refurbishment or „turnkey” supply.

The SYSTHERM company has a professional team of workers in various professions who deliver “turnkey” gas boilers. However, these orders are realized in the original “Step-by-Step” business process. The documentation is used in 3D. The output is then the decision of the production coordinator and the preparation engineer with the aim of producing the individual pipe weldments and modules as much as possible in the production plant. These weldments are then gradually and efficiently installed on the basis of a step-by-step assembly schedule.

SYSTHERM also offers a superior control system with a central dispatching center or the possibility of connecting gas boilers to the continuous emergency dispatching system SYSTHERM.