SYMPATIK® heat transfer units are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. They can be used in family houses connected to the central heating system and in larger buildings, such as apartment buildings, cooperatives and even whole locations, where the owner or tenant wants high thermal comfort and at the same time a constant overview of consumption. The range of use of transfer units also includes boiler rooms and, more recently, biogas plants and special industrial applications.

We provide comprehensive solution of heat supply systems including design, production and assembly of technologies always in customized solution for various heat transfer substances and outputs. SYMPATIK® substations use the energy potential of hot and hot water networks, steam pipelines and non-traditional sources, including the use of waste heat, to transform heat. The SYMPATIK® product line includes heat transfer stations, control and remote management systems, combined manifolds, non-expansion replenishment automats, district cooling systems, solar systems, and biomass heat sources, including related servicing.