Heating of territorial units

Thanks to a team of core employees – specialists in various professions in the SYSTHERM design studio, we offer our customers the elaboration of a technical-economic study. The output of this elaboration is a comparison of several possible variants of heat supply for a specific territorial unit. Individual variants compare investment, operating costs and return of the specific variant. The management of the heat producer or heat supplier has a documentation for making decisions about implementation, which can be planned in phases or realize in one time frame.

It can be realized next stages on the base of the choosen variant from the technical-economic study such as project documentation for planning permit, for building permit, for selection of contractor and eventually project documentation.

SYSTHERM company also participated in several public tenders, which were announced on the Tender documentation prepared by the Announcer. However, SYSTHERM made its alternative technical offer and won most of these tenders.

Delivery of the superior control system with central control room developed by our company SYSTHERM, s.r.o. is the part of the complex delivery, which we present under the name WebHeatControl. The advantage of this control room is the creation and installation directly to the “bespoke” of the given system.