We invented

We present equipment for utilisation of solar energy for heating purposes and heating of domestic water under the AQUASAN brand. It is equipment that is characteristic of SYSTHERM, with custom design.

For high-quality and variant design of the equipment for use of solar collectors, we developed the HESCOsolar software module, which is used to design the equipment (surface area of the collectors, size of the accumulation tanks) according to the specific conditions, such as the roof gradient, cardinal point orientation, elevation and annual luminous flux according to the installation address.

It is a system that uses two types of solar collectors.

Flat collectors (vertical or horizontal), are the most commonly used type of contactors with an excellent performance/price ratio.

Tubular collectors are characterised by high efficiency in extreme conditions, particularly when there is a need to heat the fluid to a high temperature, at low exterior temperatures, at low sun radiation intensity or at a low solar radiation contact angle.

For whom

The AQUASAN equipment is a flexible system for heating purposes and heating of domestic hot water that is applied to systems ranging from the small systems of family homes to big solar surfaces with accumulation to various types of storages, including earth storage.

It uses other SYSTHERM products such as the SYMPATIK AquaStorage product. It is subsequently possible to combine the solar system with other sources of heat in the family homes (fireplace insert, boilers for various fuels, heat pumps) or for communal or industrial structures with residual heat (flue gas heat exchangers, cooling of compressors, production technology).

Main advantages

  • Qualified design of the solar system equipment in HESCOsolar software.
  • Possibility of supply from SYSTHERM – complex with guaranteed quality and functionality.
  • AQUASUN is a system for customer solutions with a complex view and assessment of the thermal balance of the given system.
  • The supplied solar system with control system can be expanded to the control of all sources of heat and individual appliances. It is then possible to control the system in the form of ENERGY MANAGEMENT including the weather forecast data and assumed solar gains.