The current quality, productivity, technical development and production process requirements as well as the emerging trends of digitalisation are solved in the Industry 4.0 system. However, these solutions apply to the serial products. It is therefore necessary for customer solutions to act according to the actual production process philosophy.

SYSTHERM completed the three-year development of TRACKnalpe software for automated design of transfer stations, from the project design after generation of the manufacturing drawings of the electrical switchgear and electrical installations.

The basis of this new TRACKnalpe software tool was the HESCOpro software that we developed and that is proven by several years of operation, which combines the simplicity of the user approach and many options for the variable solution of the SYMPATIK transfer station. The company itself designed all the components necessary for the safety and functionality of the transfer station. At the same time, it offers the users the option to add other components to the product system according to the standards or specific requirements of the customer.

The output of the proven HESCOpro design software is the basis for the next stage of the automation of pre-production preparations. It is comprises new TRACKnalpe software, which automatically generates the definition files. The TRACKnalpe software creates the project of the electrical installations, control system, layout of the individual components in the electrical switchgear as well as a model of the electrical switchgear in 3D. In practice, the station design from HESCOpro is used to generate the definition files for mutual communication of the two software products.

The production of the electrical switchgears with such precision preparation and production documentation shall run far more quickly, which affects both the costs and resulting delivery periods.