We invented
HESCOgas® software is a new tool for the design and optimisation of the gas boiler room technologies. We developed and continue to develop it in cooperation with leading experts in the technology of gas boiler rooms and leading manufacturers of gas-fired boilers and chimney systems.

For whom
HESCOgas® is an optimisation tool intended for designers and operators of boiler rooms. Its implementation entails higher effectiveness in the process of creation of the technical and price offer. A clear benefit follows from this for the customers for whom we design the optimal solution. Correctly designed boiler room technology particularly in a design with a condensation boiler entails significant operating savings.

Main advantages

  • Optimisation of the use of the flow rates and temperatures of the energy carriers for the economic operation of the equipment.
  • The design and selection of the individual boiler room elements for retention of the optimal pressure ratios and high quality demands and service life.
  • Use of the extensive database of components from the leading world manufacturers for design of the equipment according to the individual customer preferences.