International competition in pupils’ professional skills, the SYSTHERM Challenge Cup

We traditionally organise the competition on the square in Sušice so that it is accessible to the general public. In 2019, already the 11th year took place, which was attended by 35 schools and 76 apprentices, mainly from the entire Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia and Germany.

For the duration of the competition, a rich accompanying programme is prepared for the public and the primary schools, for instance, augmented reality, virtual welding centre, 3D printers and a demonstration of 3D printing.

Each of the registered secondary schools or secondary vocational schools sends in a team of students from the field of mechanic of plumbing and electrotechnical equipment. They are jointly represented in the theoretical test and practical part.


The SYSTHERM Challenge Cup competition is an effort to maintain the prospective field of mechanic of plumbing and electrotechnical equipment. Study of this field prepares the graduates for practice by giving them the knowledge and competences in the plumber and electrician professions. The competition shall verify the knowledge of the students both in terms of theory where they take a test comprising fifty questions focused on the plumber and electrician fields, as well as practical knowledge of the installation and connection of the functional system.

For whom

The competition is intended for a pair of students from each school, who know each other and study together.

Jobs for students

A broad array of opportunities for self-realisation in practice are open for the graduates of this unique education in the current period of the application of new areas of thermal equipment. They are, for instance, heat pumps, condensation gas boilers, heat recovery HVAC units, but also service and commissioning of the control systems.