International competition in pupils’ professional skills, the SYSTHERM Crystal Globe

We traditionally organise the competition on the square in Sušice so that it is accessible to the general public. In 2019, already the 3rd year took place, which was attended by 35 schools and 76 apprentices, mainly from the entire Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia and Germany.

For the duration of the competition, a rich accompanying programme is prepared for the public and the primary schools, for instance, augmented reality, virtual welding centre, 3D printers and a demonstration of 3D printing.

The individual secondary technical schools or secondary vocational schools enter one student in the competition – either in the field of plumber or electrician. On the eve of the competition, the individual competitors are drawn in such a manner that each team has a representative of one of the professions. These then jointly represent the team in the theoretical and practical parts and must mutually agree just as applies, for instance, to practical life on the assembly site.


The Crystal Globe competition is focused on the simulation of the future practical engagement of the students. The competition shall verify the knowledge of the students both in terms of theory where they take a test comprising fifty questions that is focused on the individual professions of the competitors in the field of plumber or electrician, as well as in practical knowledge of the installation and connection of a functional system.

For whom

The Crystal Globe competition opens up an opportunity for participation of all vocational schools that provide tuition focused only on the field of plumber or electrician. This competition also provides an opportunity for potential future friendship or professional cooperation. International participation in this competition also opens an opportunity to acquire additional experience – work in an international team with a language barrier. The uniqueness of this competition is that it represents the true reality of the working environment where several professions and unknown people come together on the site and must cooperate. The competitors thus verify their mental resistance and capability of the individual to work in a team where he must solve problems with unknown people.

Jobs for students

The graduates of these vocational schools build careers either in plumbing or electrical companies. Their knowledge also allows them to establishment their own companies as self-employed persons.