We invented

The SYMPATIK® BJEQ transfer stations use equithermal individual control of the delivered heat for heating purposes and preparation of domestic hot water in blocks of flats. The individual stations bi-directionally communicate with a superior control system thus ensuring the fulfilment of the individual requirements of the users of the flats and the common requirements, for instance, for taking heat and water consumption readings.

For whom

SYMPATIK® BJEQ units are ideal for deployment in blocks of flats, where the owners or tenants want to get adequate heat comfort as well as a continuous overview of the heat and water consumption. The ownership bodies provide adequate and lucid data for overall readings. The mode of control ensures the optimal utilisation of heat energy.

Main advantages

  • Equitherm control works on the basis of the exterior temperature and is a substantially more effective mode of handling the input heat energy than use of only the interior spatial thermostats.
  • The SYMPATIK® BJEQ unit may work, for instance, also with the solar collectors, which are additionally integrated into the existing heat energy acquisition system.
  • Continuous station power output regulation in the range of 30 % to 100 %.