ABZ clever

AABZ clever is focused on the popularisation of engineering crafts fields among the students of primary and secondary schools as well as vocational training schools, but also among the professional public, state administration authorities, housing facility managers, developers and last but not least also among the energy engineers and the management of industrial and manufacturing plants.

Every project is clever to the extent of the society-wide benefits it brings in future.

  • We present the practical environment of a modern engineering company in the form of excursions and presentations in our development centre.
  • We mainly present the professions that have low support in the media and are often subject to distorted prejudice, (heating engineer, mechanic of plumbing and electrical equipment, etc.).
  • The tour of our production premises, demonstrations of modern technologies currently used in the blue-collar professions and testing of some of the procedures at a workplace equipped for these purposes.
  • Special seminars for power engineers, investment managers, state administration bodies, etc. Presentation of customer solutions with emphasis on savings and economical operation.