We invented

The HESCOpro® software is a powerful tool for the design and optimisation of the heat transfer stations with regard to the investment and operational and economic costs. We developed and continue to develop it in cooperation with foreign partners and the major suppliers of the key components. It utilises the knowledge of all stakeholders with the objective to provide even better results.

For whom

HESCOpro® has become a standard for the design technologies not only in the Czech Republic, but is also actively utilised by foreign contractual partners of SYSTHERM for deployment of technologies for the transfer of heat on the local markets. Its broadest deployment is in Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, France, Spain and Hungary.

Main advantages

  • Optimisation of the use of the flow rates of the primary and secondary heat transfer fluids.
  • Optimisation of the choice of the dimensions of pipes and fittings while retaining the ideal pressure parameters within the scope of the entire technology.
  • The software library comprises an extensive database of components from various world manufacturers, which makes it possible to design the optimal technology for each customer.