We invented
SYMPATIK® SYCLEAN is a complete system for revitalisation of clogged exchangers that combine long-term experience with the operation of plate and tubular exchangers, the unique automatic cleaning station and peak knowledge of our technicians.

For whom

For small and large operators of plate exchangers or tubular exchangers, which suffer a drop in output caused by deposits on the heat transfer surface. SYMPATIK® SYCLEAN is capable of removing both mineral deposits, for instance, from the heating of water, as well as the deposits from the industrial plants.

Main advantages

  • Broad variability of the connection of exchangers of various sizes and types.
  • Big working flow rate range also for the exchangers with a large volume and connection of up to DN 100.
  • A large spectrum of cleaning fluids for various applications.
  • Peak detection of a perfectly cleaned exchanger.