IHRC - Individual heating room control

We invented

IHRC (Individual heating room control) is a system that allows regulation of the temperature in the individual rooms. It was developed for the purpose of reducing the heating costs. The purpose of the individual room control is to ensure a pleasant environment for the building inhabitants with minimum energy consumption. Ensuring a quality environment is not only about temperature control. Depending on the requirements of the building, this may concern the adjustment of the air quality or humidity, maintenance of the essential light intensity, protection against glare or protection of privacy. The key to minimisation of the energy consumption is control of the conditions in the room according to the actual requirements in such a manner as to prevent excessive energy consumption on heating, cooling and lighting.

For whom

The IHRC system is flexible and is intended for use in various configurations from a flat to a family home, administration building, hotels, schools, manufacturing space or health facility complexes.

Main advantages

  • The option to control the thermal comfort and quality of the environment of each room independently.
  • Time schedule for each room.
  • Use of the components and actuators in the EnOcean system – without a battery and the need to connect to the power supply.
  • Simple and intuitive operation on the touch screen in each room.
  • Option to communicate over the data network with the superior dispatch centre.
  • Utilisation of the information from the dispatch centre to control the heat sources with inclusion of the weather forecast data.
  • Information about the defects and emergency states of the individual actuators or equipment.
  • On-line remote control of the individual rooms and the central dispatch.