DH BOX thermal insulation

Insulation is used mainly in the energy engineering industry, heat engineering industry, boiler rooms, exchanger stations and in all spheres where heating media are distributed and it is desirable to prevent heat losses.

The DH BOX removable thermal insulation is a specially developed insulation program, which consists of shaped housings, which are suitable for insulation of the components of the transfer stations and pipe distribution system. Thanks to this unique system, it is also possible to insulate parts that are normally not insulated and are prone to heat loss such as filters and valves.

The DH BOX removable thermal insulation is characterised by its simple and quick installation and deinstallation, which can be done repeatedly without shutting down the heat sources.

This system is unique in terms of immediate and provable savings.

The DH BOX removable thermal insulation is made of several individual modules. These modules are gradually deployed on the fittings and pipe sections of the transfer station. The individual modules are made of two identical halves, which are mutually connected with clips or a metallic strap. The insulation housings are made of water-resistant material.