Implementation information
  • Investor: MS UTILITIES & SERVICES a.s.
  • Implementation: 2013
  • Description: An integral part of the implementation was reconstruction of the transfer station with steam reduction from 3.8 MPa 435 °C/0.4 MPa and 150 °C using the technology of injection of feed water. New modules with steam exchangers were installed. The new exchanger system comprises 2 pairs of upright exchangers. A separate CHS 01 that works on the principle of injection of feed water into the steam is installed upstream of the exchanger. The injection makes it possible to achieve a steam temperature of about 151 °C. One of the pair of exchangers with an output of 2×2.9 MW works with a water thermal gradient of 110/90 °C at a flow rate of 250 m3/h. The heat is utilised in the Bonatrans (DN300) circuit. The circuit has a new set of three circulating pumps designed for an output of 150% (i.e. 1 of the pumps is a reserve). The circuit has an independent top-up and expansion station with a pressureless tank of capacity 5,000 l and the cooling tank of capacity 1,000 l.
    The second pair has an output of 2 x 5.35 MW and is designed for a water flow rate of 460 m3/h with a temperature gradient of 90/70 °C. The circuit has a new set of three circulating pumps designed for an output of 150%. The heat is used in the circuit KORDY A TPD, STARÝ ZÁVOD, ENERGOSTANICE and in own consumption. The circuit has its own expansion automaton with pressureless reservoirs (2 x 4,000 l). The new control system was created using SIEMENS technology with a superior WebHeatControl central corporate dispatch.