Performance of complex handover tests at the time of COVID-19 restrictions

The global pandemic has fundamentally affected the functioning of many companies, but SYSTHERM reacts operatively even in these difficult times.

For our customers in the field of industrial applications, where there is a requirement to perform comprehensive handover tests before shipment in our production Plant 01, we have immediately created a handover procedure for the possibility of remote supervision by the customer.

The new technology allows our customers to participate remotely, even simultaneously from several workplaces in different destinations. The basic prerequisite is thorough preparation in the production plant, a clear handover test plan and mutual trust.

SYSTHERM meets all these requirements, and therefore the first remote acceptance was very successful.

Further virtual inspections are already planned and it can be assumed that even after the end of the pandemic crisis, this method will continue to be used, mainly to save time and money compared to the customer’s personal presence.