Seminar for students in the ABZ clever programme

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility and the ABZ clever programme focused on support for technical education on 13 March 2019 our company organised a further seminar for students in the fields of plumber and electrician. This time, the Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School in Podbořany and the Secondary Building Construction Vocational School of academic Stanislav Bechyně of Havlíčůk Brod participated in this seminar.

Why do we organise tours at SYSTHERM?

The ABZ clever seminars build on the ABZ workshops and are intended for 3rd year trainees of vocational schools in the fields of plumber, electrician and mechanic for plumbing and electrical equipment (MIEZ). Seminars are organised in two blocks. The first block takes place in the training centre of the “SYSTHERM University”, and is focused on the presentation and examples of the design of the transfer stations, description of the individual components and fundamental legal norms necessary for commissioning of the pressure systems.

The subsequent second block takes place directly in the manufacturing premises, where they get acquainted with the technological production procedures and the required expertise and qualifications for the individual professions.

At the end, practical competitions are always prepared for the students in which they also have the opportunity to become familiar with new assembly technologies.