Closing ceremony Sušice 2022

On 13th May 2022, the SIRKUS cinema in Sušice hosted the closing ceremony of the SYSTHERM Cup and SYSTHERM Crystal Ball competitions which marked the end of the next year of competitions.

As part of the announcement, there was not only a ceremonial announcement of the results of the competitions but also a small attention to the pedagogic supervision of the competitors from the SYSTHERM company.

A program was prepared for pedagogical supervision during the competition, namely a tour of SYSTHERM implementations in the city of Písek and a related presentation of the CZT Písek directly in the buildings of the Písek Heating Plant. Furthermore, there was a presentation by the SYMONTA company which presented the LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipeline technology and the REMS company presented its products and innovations that could be used by representatives of pedagogical supervision in the practical teaching of their students.